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Because dog care is a matter of trust!

HuTa Saar is the first dog daycare center in Saarland. Founded in 2008 by Silvia Schroth-Walter, the site is located in the middle of the forest in Neunkirchen Saar, far from neighbors who might be bothered by the barking. Here, the dogs are allowed to be dogs all day in the runs and do dog things, they are allowed to bark, dig, romp with fellow dogs and get dirty.

Dogs are social animals that don’t want to be left alone – especially not for a whole day because their owners have to work. Many people do without the company of a dog because, for example, they work full time and the dog would have to be alone during working hours. The professional, daily care in the HuTa Saar offers here a wonderful alternative for working dog lovers. But even if the dog can not go on vacation or the owners may have to go to the hospital for several days, the HuTa Saar is the ideal solution. Here you will find absolutely species-appropriate care by a competent, well-trained and experienced team.

In the HuTa Saar, the dogs can play with each other in carefully arranged groups throughout the day and communicate with conspecifics in a dog-friendly manner, making a valuable contribution to socialization. The dogs are kept busy and get to know a wide variety of breeds and their sometimes different expressive and social behavior. At the same time, attention is paid to rest periods, so that the stay in the dog day care very often also has a positive effect on any problems, for example when it comes to fears or aggressive behavior.

When dividing the groups, the experienced staff of the dog day care center makes sure that the dogs fit together in terms of size and character. The groups should also be as consistent as possible in order to ensure regularity and not to stress the dogs by constantly changing them. The caretakers supervise the dog groups, for example to prevent undesirable behavior such as bullying. Silvia Schroth-Walter and her team are also happy to support the education that the owner desires and provide tips on training, nutrition, behavior and the development of the dog. About the admission of dogs incompatible with conspecifics can be discussed individually.

We will take care of your dog while you fulfill your obligations. You can concentrate on your work with peace of mind. And if you ever don’t feel like walking your dog after a stressful day: Your dog has already been out.

If you work hard all year round, you deserve your vacation. And from a relaxed, unstressed person, also the dog benefits. And while you are relaxing at your vacation destination, your dog is also on vacation with us at the HuTa.

And if there is trouble, we also offer behavioral counseling. Here can be worked in individual training on undesirable behavior, such as bsw. hunting behavior, pulling on the leash, aggression against conspecifics or people ect.

What our customers say about us…

Chantal Backes

I have been bringing my dog Kenai to the HuTa for a while now and I must say that I and my four-legged friend like it very much there. Everything is dog-friendly, the dogs have enough space and the care is very nice and friendly. My dog is happy
My dog is happy when he can play and romp with the other dogs and has become part of the community. And as a fully employed person I think it is great that there is something like this, otherwise I could not keep a dog at all because of lack of time! So thank you dear Silvia!

Michael Woll

As a single dog father, it unfortunately happens from time to time that you have to leave your, in my case best friend and dog lady, in the care of others for private or professional reasons. In the HuTa my Kira was also so far always in the best hands. The team is friendly and even when time was tight, a solution was always found. For this alone, the HuTa has earned 5 stars. But then something happened that you never hope for yourself. May 1 and I had a serious accident that resulted in an immediate hospital stay. Emergency doctor, intensive care ect. Still conscious, despite severe pain, my first thoughts were of my Kira waiting for me alone at home. In the intensive care unit, I could only explain to my sister with a few clues that she should bring Kira to the HuTa, but on the holiday is actually closed. However, in this emergency my Kira came nevertheless still under. I am so grateful that this was so successful and for this the HuTa has earned much more than the 5 possible stars. :-)


Our Aslan is 5,5 years old and was only 2 times without his family in two different dog boarding kennels. The first time he had grieved so much that he had lost 5 kilos within 3 days. So this time we wanted to do EVERYTHING right and went looking for a new kennel. When we introduced ourselves to you and looked around, our gut feeling was immediately right. And the “most important ” YOU had directly a
good connection to Aslan. Our little bear was allowed to visit you several times during the day and then also once overnight and get to know you. With your cordial nature and competent expertise, it was not difficult for us to leave our Aslan for 5 days with you.When we picked up our little bear TODAY, he was totally in a good mood. You could see that he had a lot of fun romping and playing with his fellow dogs. Many, many thanks dear Huta team!!! We will see you soon again…

Jennifer Rücker

We can only recommend the Hu Ta, we give our dog Puma for a few years already there and Silvia and her team also really take good care of the dogs puma is also always happy when he is allowed to Silvia.

Sandra Ziermann

I am more than thrilled and can only recommend the HuTa to everyone. My dog was in perfect care during our vacation. A big praise to you.

Stefan Nieser

My hunting terrier Elvis has been going to the HuTa during the summer vacations for 3 years now and enjoys his vacation as we do. We because we know that he is in good and competent hands and he because he can play all day with other dogs. For me, the decisive factor was that here the dog can be a dog!

Karen Kamphausen

Unser Hund hat sich in der HUTA Saar als Feriengast sehr wohl gefühlt und wir als Besitzer waren froh ihn so gut untergebracht zu wissen ! Ich kann diese Hundepension nur weiter empfehlen!

Margot Seibüchler

My dog is in good hands there and has not yet had any negative comments. We are both glad that HuTa Saar exists.

De Michel

Very friendly and nice.

Heiko Rücker

Puma likes to go there and I do not have to worry. The team is very competent.

Katharina Wruck

Super team and my Bruno feels Russel well!

Eve Müller

5 Stars

Jasmin Rimkus

4 Stars

Nina Hening

5 Stars

Christina S.

Our dog Otto has been going to the Huta vacation kennel for years. Every time we arrive there, he can’t wait to join the rest of the dogs and the Huta team. And when we pick him up, he would love to stay there even longer. That’s how it should be!!! We are very happy to have found such a good place for our dog. With pleasure Otto will continue to come to you….

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