Christine Welsch

Dog trainer and pet nutritionist for dogs and cats.


My name is Christine Welsch, with my mixed breed dog Nero I live in the beautiful Mandelbachtal in Saarland.

I have always had a dog by my side since 2009, which gave rise to my increased interest in the education and training of dogs, as well as in the optimal nutrition of the four-legged friends.

Originally, I am a graduate engineer in materials science and also worked in this profession for 10 years before I decided to turn my passion for dogs into a profession.

I completed my advanced training as an animal nutritionist for dogs and cats from 2020 to 2021 at the Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt (sgd) via distance learning.

I completed my training as a dog trainer at the Dogtisch Academy and successfully completed it in March 2022. In September 2022 I finally received the “Permission to train dogs for third parties or guide the training of dogs by the animal owner” according to §11 Abs,1 Nr.8f TierSchG.

My main focus when working with dogs is on their suitability for everyday life. Mostly undesirable behaviors of the dog are caused by an unbalanced relation of respect and affection. The dog should experience clear boundaries in order to enjoy maximum freedom. Clear communication as well as understanding and love are equally important factors in dealing with the dog. I always take into account the individuality of the human-dog team, for a harmonious and relaxed coexistence.