Christine Welsch

Dog trainer and pet nutritionist for dogs and cats.


My name is Christine Welsch, with my mixed breed dog Nero I live in the beautiful Mandelbachtal in Saarland.

Introducing our employee: Christine Welsch

We are pleased to introduce you to Christine Welsch, an extremely qualified and dedicated employee in our dog care. Christine has acquired extensive expertise in the care and training of dogs through intensive further training and practical experience.

Experience and qualifications:

In 2021, Christine completed further training as an animal nutritionist for dogs and cats at the renowned Darmstadt Study Group (sgd) via distance learning. This training expanded and deepened her in-depth knowledge of the optimal nutrition of pets.

In March 2022, Christine successfully completed her training as a dog trainer at the Dogtisch Academy. This training equipped her with practical and theoretical skills to work effectively with dogs and train them.

In September 2022, Christine received the “permission to train dogs for third parties or to instruct the training of dogs by the animal owner” in accordance with Section 11 Paragraph 1 No. 8f of the Animal Welfare Act. This official recognition underlines her qualifications and commitment to dog training.

Christine is currently training to become a dog behavior consultant at the Ziemer & Falke dog trainer training center.

Area of ​​responsibility:

In our facility, Christine is responsible for the comprehensive care and training of the dogs. She ensures that the dogs are not only physically but also mentally stimulated. Her expertise in animal nutrition also enables her to create individual nutrition plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each dog.

Personal strengths:

Christine impresses with her sensitive and patient way of dealing with dogs. With her keen sense of the animals’ needs and behavior, she can quickly build trust and create a positive training environment. Her colleagues particularly value her reliability and her ability to remain calm and work in a solution-oriented manner even in challenging situations.

Additional qualifications:

In addition to her training as an animal nutrition consultant and dog trainer, Christine has participated in various training courses and workshops to constantly expand her knowledge and skills. Her continuous training shows her great commitment and passion for working with dogs.

We are proud to have Christine Welsch on our team. Their comprehensive qualifications and commitment to the well-being of the dogs contribute significantly to the high quality of our dog care. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our services, we are always available to help.