Booking system

Dear customers,

we have switched back to our former booking system.

Here is also possible to book vacation care.
The customer data is more extensive. You will therefore be asked to complete your customer profile and that of your dog. Among other things, the data of your dog owner liability insurance, the vaccination data of the dog, questions about compatibility, etc. are requested. Please take the trouble to update this data once.
When booking, please note that bringing and / or picking up on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays is not possible.

Before admission to our kennel (only for overnight care), it is mandatory that we get to know your dog during a trial day. You can book this trial day online in our booking system under the item “Daycare”.

IMPORTANT! Please read!

If you have not been a client of ours before and need vacation care for your dog, we would like to get to know your dog beforehand. For this purpose we offer a trial day. This is a prerequisite for the admission of the dog / dogs in our pension.

For this purpose, please book a daycare promptly and write in the field “All additional information” that it is a trial day.

When you put on your dog, you must select whether your dog is “fit for group” or “unfit for group”. If your dog is not fully compatible with all dogs, large or small, male or female, please select “unfit for group”.

If you were already a customer with us, please take the time to complete / update your customer data and that of your dog.
This works best on a PC or laptop, it is a bit confusing with a mobile device.

Please be sure to include an emergency contact and your veterinarian’s information as well. Keep in mind that we may need to access this during your dog’s stay, if only to make an inquiry with your vet about an allergic reaction or something similar.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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