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Nowadays, many dog owners are well informed, partly due to the “new media”. Almost every dog owner visits one or even more dog schools. There are dog books, websites by and about dogs, dog forums, TV shows with “dog professionals”, the most diverse seminars and webinars. This can be very confusing, because by no means all experts always agree, you get many partly contradictory tips and there is “the one” way in dog training also not at all. Because just as every person is an individual, so is every dog. Every human-dog-team consists of two individuals and that means that what is right for one team does not have to be right for another team.

In Germany live hunting dogs, herding dogs, guard dogs and companion dogs and these are again subdivided into many breeds, which are often so bred over decades, true specialists in their respective fields. But many of them are unemployed in our country, because hardly anyone keeps cattle herds, only a few really go hunting and also not too many people really need a guard dog on closer inspection. Especially with the highly bred specialists, misunderstood dog love and extreme humanization can quickly lead to problems, be it that the underchallenged Border Collie lives out his herding instinct on cars and bicycles or the initially so cuddly herd protection dog with the onset of adulthood suddenly does not let friends into the apartment. The dog is misunderstood – and the many dog books and seminars offer no real solution.

Of course, the dog is the most adaptable animal that man has domesticated. He has learned to adapt to us, observes us closely – and often knows us even better than we know ourselves. He feels our emotions and sensitivities. He rejoices with us and he comforts us. But he has always remained a predator – and he deserves that we, for our part, learn to understand him. This is exactly what I can help you with. For me, the dog language is so versatile, so nuanced and so exciting that I have been dealing with this topic for years with growing enthusiasm. The fact that I have been working full-time with dogs kept in groups in my HuTa Saar for more than twelve years now, gives me the opportunity to study the communication of the most diverse dogs among each other on a daily basis. And yet, I am still learning new things from the dogs as well.

In my extensive training over the years, I have specialized in problem behavior, especially aggressive behavior, as well as working dog breeds and guard dogs and their respective mixes. Basically, however, you are right with problem dogs of any kind with me. It is my desire to pass on my dog knowledge to you, specifically and individually tailored to you and your dog, so that you too may understand your dog even better.

You can find more information about the offer of our dog school on the pages below.

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