Janine Palavikas-Baumgärtner

Introducing our employee: Janine Palavikas-Baumgärtner

We are pleased to introduce you to Janine, a passionate and versatile employee in our dog care. Janine brings a special combination of specialist knowledge and practical experience that makes her a valuable asset to our team.

Experience and qualifications:

Janine is a trained dog groomer with several years of professional experience. Janine is currently expanding her specialist knowledge by training as a dog trainer at the renowned German Institute for Animal Psychology and Veterinary Medicine. This additional qualification enables her to respond individually to the needs of each dog.

Area of ​​responsibility:

In our facility, Janine is responsible for looking after the dogs and, if booked, also for grooming the dogs. She ensures that every dog ​​not only looks good, but also feels good. Her daily work includes looking after the dogs, putting together dog groups, cleaning the accommodations and runs, feeding and administering medication and much more. In addition, Janine is increasingly integrating her knowledge from her dog trainer training into her work to ensure the behavior and well-being of the dogs.

Personal strengths:

Janine is characterized by her patient and sensitive way of dealing with the dogs. Her sensitivity to the needs and moods of the animals enables her to quickly build a trusting relationship with them. Her colleagues value her ability to work in a team as well as her enthusiasm for further training and her willingness to constantly learn.

Additional qualifications:

In addition to her training as a dog trainer, Janine has attended various workshops and seminars in the field of animal care and dog training. These training courses help ensure that she is always up to date with the latest developments in dog training and can apply her knowledge in practice.