Dog Boarding

Also the dogs that stay with us overnight may – if they are compatible with conspecifics – spend the day in the group. Here we either put together a vacation dog group, or the dogs are integrated into the day dog group. Of course, we also consider the individual needs of your dog.

If your dog is not or only conditionally compatible with conspecifics, he can also spend the day in the HuTa alone or, for example, together with an opposite-sex dog in a run. Our experience has shown that very few dogs are compatible with no conspecifics at all. But even if your dog is one of the few that doesn’t want to have anything to do with other dogs, because of the layout of our runs and because of the layout of our grounds, he is never really alone. He sees and hears everything that happens with us, so even separated he is always “in the middle”.

At night, the dogs are housed in our comfortably furnished, 18 square meter kennels. These consist of a dog room with insulated hut and basket as well as a small run with sandy floor. Here, too, the dogs have contact with their respective neighboring dog. We are also happy to put together small groups or couples for the night if friendships form.

Prices for our boarding kennel

Alle Preise verstehen sich incl. der derzeit gültigen Mehrwertsteuer.

Vacation care dog € 30,00 / day*
Trial day € 32,00

* Price without food.

Before admission to our kennel (only for overnight care), it is mandatory that we get to know your dog during a trial day. You can book this trial day online in our booking system under the item “Daycare”.

Additional services of HuTa Saar – dog day care in Saarland:

HuTa own food 3,00 €/ day; brushing 5,00 €; bitch in heat +8,00 € / day; if medication is administered more than twice a day +4.00 €

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