frequently asked questions

On the trial day we want to get to know your dog.

And without you being there. You don’t want to be there on vacation, do you?

The trial day can be done on weekdays in the time from 10.00 o’clock to 15.00 o’clock. On this day the dog should stay with us for at least 3 hours.

We take dogs from the 9th week of life.
For the puppy the whole life is new. New home, new people etc.

If he knows the HuTa from the beginning, it will be a natural part of his life.

Please have a quick test for parvovirus done at the vet and bring us the result.

Insulated dog kennels and baskets / couches are available in our kennels.

Of course, you can bring your own baskets, sleeping boxes or baskets.

We have food bowls in sufficient quantity. Therefore, please do not bring any bowls with you. Feather pillows or blankets are also unsuitable.

We cannot accept any liability for items brought along.

Please bring enough food for your dog. Keep in mind that your dog has a higher activity level than at home. So please bring twice as much food as your dog needs at home.

Please bring two THICK wool blankets. Keep in mind that feather blankets or thin fleece blankets are not appropriate.

Please bring the vaccination card and a confirmation of the dog owner liability insurance, if you have not already uploaded these documents in our online booking system.

No, we also accept unneutered males.

If your bitch is in heat (or will be during her stay at the HuTa), she can be accommodated either alone or in a group with other bitches. However, as this means an increased effort, an extra charge of 8,- € per day has to be paid here.

This is human thinking. The dog does not know that we call these rooms kennels.

We like to compare the stay of your dog with a vacation camp for the child. The child doesn’t sleep in the tent all year round either, but still the vacation camp is a highlight and connected with a lot of fun.

Our kennels are arranged so that the dogs see each other and have contact with each other, even if they are “alone” in their kennel. Thus, the dogs are never really alone. This is an advantage over locked rooms where the dogs have no contact with each other.

By the way, our kennels consist of a wooden house, in front of which is a run made of kennel elements. So the dog can choose whether he prefers to be inside or outside.

Please be sure to state the medication in the booking system. Discuss this with us if the dog needs medication that must be given at a certain time.

Please bring medication and/or special food with you. We administer both according to your vet’s instructions.

Of course not.

The dogs are kept with us, if group-suited, all day in carefully arranged groups in the 5 available runs.

Dogs that are not suitable for the group are let into a run in turn and can run there on their own.

Yes. Please pack off ready-made daily rations.

Yes, please!

We actually appreciate that, as a change of food often leads to diarrhea.
However, please keep in mind that your dog has more activity with us than normally at home. We therefore also feed a little more than you. Therefore, please bring enough food with you.

Yes, this is not a problem.

However, there will be no refund or reimbursement in this case, as we only have a limited number of seats available.

It depends. Just ask us, if we are not booked up at the moment, we will be happy to set it up.

We charge the days, not the nights. This means that the bring and pick up day are also charged!

We distinguish between day care and vacation care.

Day dogs can not be cared for on weekends.

Vacation dogs of course can!

However, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays no appointments can be made to bring and / or pick up. However, your dog will of course be cared for and looked after.

frequently asked questions

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