Dog Day Care

In the HuTa Saar, the dogs can play with each other in carefully arranged groups throughout the day and communicate with conspecifics in a dog-friendly manner, making a valuable contribution to socialization. The dogs are kept busy and get to know a wide variety of breeds and their sometimes different expressive and social behavior. At the same time, attention is paid to rest periods, so that the stay in the dog day care very often also has a positive effect on any problems, for example when it comes to fears or aggressive behavior.

When dividing the groups, the experienced staff of the dog day care center makes sure that the dogs fit together in terms of size and character. The groups should also be as consistent as possible in order to ensure regularity and not to stress the dogs by constantly changing them. The caretakers supervise the dog groups, for example to prevent undesirable behavior such as bullying. Silvia Schroth-Walter and her team are also happy to support the education that the owner desires and provide tips on training, nutrition, behavior and the development of the dog. About the admission of dogs incompatible with conspecifics can be discussed individually.

Prices for our day care

All prices include the currently valid value added tax.

10er card 210,00 €
dogs not suitable for group +30,00 €
No place guarantee

Monthly flat rate

Annual subscription monthly flat rate € 345,00
Monthly flat rate Flex € 380,00

With place guarantee!
dogs not suitable for group +30,00 €

(the month counts from 01. to the last of the respective month)

Before admission to our kennel (only for overnight care), it is mandatory that we get to know your dog during a trial day. You can book this trial day online in our booking system under the item “Daycare”.

Individual days are only bookable by prior arrangement.

Since dogs that come to the HuTa only sporadically bring unrest into the group and are also exposed to stress themselves, they are only accepted after prior arrangement and only in single keeping.

Dogs that are to be integrated into the group must come at least two days a week. The corresponding 10-day card will be cancelled 2 times a week, even if the dog does not come.

Prices for single days are calculated as follows: dogs suitable for the group 24,00 €, dogs not suitable for the group 27,00 €.

It is up to us to decide whether a dog is suitable for the group or not.

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