Silvia Schroth-Walter

Dog trainer and behavior consultant IHK
Expert for phenotypology ProHunde e.V.


My name is Silvia Schroth-Walter and I am not only the owner of HuTa Saar, but I am also happy to assist dog owners at any time with my many years of experience as a dog trainer.

Introduction of the owner: Silvia Schroth-Walter

We are pleased to introduce you to Silvia Schroth-Walter, the founder and owner of the dog daycare and boarding house HuTa Saar. Silvia founded HuTa Saar in 2008 and has since worked tirelessly to create a facility of the highest quality and care for dogs.

Experience and qualifications:

Silvia has extensive specialist knowledge and practical experience in dog care. Long before HuTa Saar was founded in 2008, she completed numerous seminars and workshops in order to constantly expand her knowledge and stay up to date with the latest research and practice. Her passion and commitment to dog training led her to successfully complete the dog trainer and behavior consultant (IHK) course in 2018.

Area of ​​responsibility:

As owner, Silvia is responsible for the entire management and organization of HuTa Saar. She ensures that the dogs in her care always receive the best care and attention. Silvia not only takes care of the everyday processes, but also the individual support and training of the dogs. Her in-depth knowledge of dog training and behavioral advice enables her to specifically address the needs and challenges of each dog.

Personal strengths:

Silvia is known for her sensitive and patient manner when dealing with dogs. Her deep understanding of dogs’ behavior and psychology allows her to quickly build a trusting relationship with them. She has a special talent for promoting the well-being and development of dogs. Her employees and customers particularly appreciate her dedication and her ability to remain calm and work in a solution-oriented manner even in demanding situations.

Additional qualifications:

In addition to her training as a dog trainer and behavior consultant, Silvia is also a recognized expert in canine phenotypology. Her expertise in this area helps her to better understand the genetic and breed-specific characteristics of dogs and to integrate them into her care. She is also a member of the Pro-Dog Association, which underlines her commitment to the professional and ethical care of dogs.

We are proud to have Silvia Schroth-Walter as the owner and heart of our dog daycare and boarding house HuTa Saar. Their expertise, experience and love for dogs are the key to the success of our facility. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, we are always available to help.