Bettina Schaal


I am Bettina Schaal and actually a former customer. In 2006 I had visited the dog school FiLi with Silvia Schroth-Walter with my dog Balu, because he sometimes escaped. As I know today, he was simply underchallenged at that time and therefore gave himself a change. Both Balu and I found great fun in this new way of education and occupation. Balu was very eager to learn and was soon the nerd of the group.

I quickly developed a friendship with Silvia Schroth-Walter, with whom I visited a dog club and started with the sport of obedience. I attended various seminars on the subject of dogs, completed training with Silvia Schroth-Walter as a dog trainer and sitter and also constantly educated and educated myself by reading professional literature and magazines.
From 2011 to 2015, I initially worked on a voluntary basis, as my time allowed, in the HuTa Saar. From 2015 I was employed part-time at HuTa Saar, and since 2018 now full-time. Of course, I am also the holder of the expertise according to § 11 para 1 sentence 3 TSchG.