Frank Walter

Introduction of our employee: Frank Walter

We are pleased to introduce you to Frank Walter, a valuable employee in our dog care. Frank brings a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge that makes him an indispensable support to our team.

Experience and qualifications:

Frank has many years of experience working with dogs and is particularly adept at dealing with different dog breeds and their specific needs. He has proof of expertise in accordance with Section 11 Paragraph 1, Sentence 3 of the Animal Welfare Act, which underlines his specialist knowledge and commitment to the welfare of animals.

Area of ​​responsibility:

In our facility, Frank is not only responsible for looking after the dogs, but also takes care of the bookkeeping. He ensures that all financial processes run smoothly and transparently. Thanks to his structured and precise way of working, we always keep track of our finances and can ensure that all resources are used optimally.

Personal strengths:

Frank is characterized by his loving and patient manner when dealing with the dogs. His ability to remain calm even in stressful situations and at the same time keep an overview makes him an excellent carer. His colleagues particularly appreciate his reliability and the positive working atmosphere he creates.

Additional qualifications:

In addition to his main job in dog care and bookkeeping, Frank has also completed further training in the areas of dog first aid and dog training. This additional knowledge enables him to respond individually to the dogs’ needs and behavior and to make their care even more effective.

We are proud to have Frank Walter on our team. His expertise and commitment contribute significantly to ensuring that our dog care operates at the highest level. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, we are always available to help.